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YouTuber Recommendation #25: The Tournaments Channel

To keep this community lively and informed, I will recommend lesser known (fewer than 500 subscribers, active in the past month) YouTube channels twice a week. Showing off various playstyles and approaches to the game. Posting on tuesdays and fridays at around this time (8 PM GMT / 4 PM EDT) from now on.

Bathed in Brena

Just as my last post was focused on a community channel, so will be this one. The last one featured mostly easy going experimental invaders, whereas todays channel is all about tournaments and duels. So we get to see PvP from another perspective.

Bathed In Brena hosts highly skilled duelist tournaments, where the best of the best players participate, such as: Bdubsz, Sunlight Wings (Distant Tide), Gabri, Skip to my Nash, DanteWTF (from BetterTV), Tripod, Majestic Prince.

These players have perfected the spacing, latency reads, builds, mind games, reads and various pvp techs, that dedicated fight club hosts world wide oftentimes recommended them for international Tournaments hosted by one of the most well known fight club hosts, Barneezy Jones. The skill of these players in 1v1 is on such a level, that they make famous youtube pvpers look bad and sluggish.

If you are interested in getting guder in pvp and want to contact/watch skilled duelists and learn from them, this channel is for you.

The Tournaments are hosted live on Twitch click, then the bronze, semi-finals and finals are posted on Youtube in a short and easily digestable format, like this more recent Fight of PaintedPhantoms vs. Gabri Tournament Finals click.

Sometimes they just meme out after their fight clubs click.

The duelist part of the community could definitely use some love, imho.

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