The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

YouTuber Recommendation #24: The Excellent Squad

To keep this community lively and informed, I will recommend lesser known (fewer than 500 subscribers, active in the past month) YouTube channels twice a week. Showing off various playstyles and approaches to the game. Posting on mondays and fridays at around this time (8 PM GMT / 4 PM EDT) from now on.

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Vengarl Heaven

This whole little post series is about different approaches to the game. And there are certainly as many approaches as there are people playing it: there are the tournament players, who tryhard the hell out of the duels; there are the rustic players that never give up on helping others to see the light of honourable play; there are the trolls, who just laugh at everyones misery while being self ironic at times too; there are technical players, who got bored of the spacing game and are now experimenting with menu swaps, predictions and criticals to excel at invasions while still having fun in the game and dying a lot; there are pve challenge runners, who do no hit runs only to be killed by glitching out walls and start anew.

Newer players stumble upon playstyles and join the seemingly fitting part of the community, oftentimes forgetting that the base for jolly cooperation in life and even in game isn't only about such shallow similarities, it is about similar perception of values and being excellent to each other.

The channel I present to you today, features a group of people, who are excellent to each other, while exploring the game in different ways, and uploading videos sepcifically made for this little coop channel. The names of the participants are in the channel tab. Some of you will recognize the welcoming dks3 youtube streamer Nagash Unbroken, who shows us how to practice parrying efficiently, or Croc who went full MLG with swaps and criticals or Project Goof, who can apparently finish people off with a force on wake up into lightning arrow on wake up combo and many more other players. If you check out the list, there is also an amazing pve challenge runner High Voltage and a streamer and roleplay montage uploader Richard Kirby. I assume we will see videos from them as well.

Definitely check out all the videos on the channel, as you will most likely find underrated channels of welcoming and lovely people while exploring.

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