The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Why were the Sellsword Twinblades supposed to be good? `

It must just be a preference thing I guess?

I just started my third playthrough of the game. The first time I made a quality build with the longsword. The second I used a pure str build and heavy weapons, which was much more fun, and now I've decided to go for a pure dex character.

I was looking around for what some of the best dex weapons are to see what I wanted to try out (I only really PVE, so PVP shit means fuckall to me) and found tons of people raving about the Sellsword Twinblades. I'm at the Road of Sacrifices at SL27 with 30 dex, and I still feel like they are underwhelming. I guess they do decent damage and the moveset is cool.. but they really aren't that impressive. Maybe i'm being too quick to judge, but for a weapon that almost every person said was "super OP" and mows shit down, i'm not really seeing that. Maybe they use buffs or something, which isn't something i'm familiar with.

Does anyone have tips on how you're properly supposed to make these as awesome as people seem to think that they are?

I'm sure they are probably good, but after my pure str playthrough I just finished I'm so used to a big hefty meaty Great Club or Cathedral Knight Greatsword whacking the ever-living shit out of things that hitting enemies with these rinky dink little swords seems pussy as fuck.

Edit: I'm maybe going to try using Astora Greatsword instead if that's supposed to be any good. I don't think that's a pure dex weapon though, so I have no clue

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