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Why DS3 saved solo player games for me

So I wanted to make a quick post about this game that continually makes me love having experienced it. The first thing I'll touch on is the actual game itself. One of my biggest frustrations in games is being forced down a path in a linear storyline where you have no actual decisions that impact anything. This has really become the example of what a lot of story driven games are, they try to tell you a story rather than live through one. The beauty of how FromSoft has gone about this has truly invigorated me to not only seek out more videos on the lore and fascination of each antagonist, but even in the gameplay you can choose how you want to build your character and it's just so versatile! There is no single way you have to win! Sure there are easier methods, a heavy strength build let's you hit massive chunks of health with slower hits, or a mage build lets you stay ranged while chunking down enemies, but you are never forced into a situation where you can't win the way you want to! This alone is beautiful. And even with the story the choices you make affect the side quests to an astounding degree, they don't FORCE you to explore the content they made, they leave it up to you to truly delve deeper into things because it's just so damn fascinating.

Secondly I would like to discuss this actual subreddit. I'm actually pretty new to both DarkSouls and Reddit. DS3 was my first one and I've only been on Reddit for about 2-3 months now as an active user. That being said, the community cultivated through this game is one of the most interesting and entertaining ones to be a part of. It's like a giant club with so many clever innuendos and nods to this huge experience that we've all shared. I enjoy almost every post I read from the Darksouls3 subreddit. It's always full of unique stories or discussions pertaining to experiences that can be related to, or some that are just entertaining and fun. Not only did I enjoy playing through the game and see myself doing so again in NG because there's so much more to see, but the aftermath of the game through the community is a huge part of the joy from this entire experience.

So that all being said, Thank you to all of you wonderful skeletons in the DS community, and thank you FromSoft for such an astounding experience to be a part of!

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