The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What would have happened if one of the other Great Lords had split up their Lord Soul, like the Pygmy did with the Dark Soul? (And other speculative questions.)

The lack of focus on the Light Soul, Life Soul, and Death Soul always seemed strange to me. Why is the Dark Soul so much more important than the other three? (The Death Soul, especially, gets a bum rap. Light gets Gwyn/the gods/miracles, Life gets Izalith/witches/demons/pyromancy/Chaos, and Dark gets Manus/Children of Dark/hollows/humans/hexes/Abyss. All Death gets is Nito/Fenito/Milfanito/possibly Aldrich.) As stated above, what do you think would happen if the Light Soul, Life Soul, or Death Soul were to be split up and dispersed through the followers of a Great Lord, in the same way that the Furtive Pygmy did with the Dark Soul? What sort of beings would result? Would these beings be as stable as humans/hollows? What would the equivalent of Humanity be? Would this effect the overall cycle of Fire and Dark at all?

Also, what would "an excess" of another Soul/another soul "running wild" look like? We know that the Abyss is some kind of mass of combined Dark Soul, and that too much Dark Soul can create beings like Manus, the pilgrim butterflies/angels, the horrors of New Londo and Oolacile, corruption like in Artorias or Gael, and possibly the Pus of Man. (I also like the theory that the Deep is basically the Death Soul equivalent of the Abyss, and that Aldrich and the Slime enemies are analogous to Manus/Gael and similar beings with too much Dark Soul.)

Last, is the Age of Fire tied to the Light Soul and Gwyn at all, or would using the Life Soul or Death Soul bring about the same thing? If not, what might an Age of Life, an Age of Death, or even an Age of Light look like?

Any thoughts or theories?

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