The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What If: How Would you Change the Spell system?

This is just mostly for the sake of hypothetical discussion.

Say you're given creative control over how spells work in the game. You can change a lot, you could change a little, or nothing at all. But you COULD change things if you wanted. What sort of things would you change if you were given the reins?

I have two things I would personally change, if I were in control. First this would be my minor change, if I wanted to keep things rather simple. To start off, I'd have FP recover automatically, like Stamina, just really slowly while also changing the value of different spells like healing to where they're either less effective, or cost more FP to use to make spamming them not a viable option. The other change I'd make is to go back to how Dark Souls 2 handled spell casting. More things a user could cancel out of, but also staves and different types of catalysts, chimes, and more that have different properties like slower spell casts but they hit harder, or faster spell casts and are less powerful. Chimes and Staves would also be more distinct from their counterparts so it's easier to know (as another player) what you're going up against.

That's just one thing I'd do. I have a major more drastic overhaul, but I'm curious to know what you all would change about the magic system, if at all? Or do you think the system is perfect as it is? Let me know I'm curious and would like to encourage some discussion on the topic!

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