The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Vertical UGS Techniques (FUGS)

Use rolling attacks defensively, opponents get confident to approach when you are kind of low on health and rolling away: exploit that.

When opponents roll into you to avoid the first r1 and wait for the second one, do the r1 away from him to try and hit on a backswing rollcatch. It’s tricky to do without manual aiming because you have to unlock but it works. Make sure to roll away if it misses.

WA R2 into R1 is an excellent baiting tool. If they roll away from you and you’re out of their range queue up an R1, they fall for it almost every time. If you are in range of an attack roll away.

If you land a rolling attack queue up a delayed R2, they tend to try rolling away immediately so it’s a good roll catcher. This works best with the FUGS because it has the best range and can catch people even if they roll opposite from you and were only barely catchable by your rolling attack.

Against small weapons that aren’t straightswords, daggers, or two handing curved swords; blocking two R1s then swinging can catch them in your hyper armor.

Pretending you’ll do a rolling attack then doing a normal R1 is good at roll catching.

Stomp into reverse R1 is great at throwing people’s rolls off and as a mixup.

Running attacks on FUGS have excellent range and do good damage for a running attack in general. Try running while blocking then stop in place without letting go of block, you can now do a running attack whenever you want. Just use R1 and a running attack will come out. This is useful to trip people up.

Overall, reverse backswings are more useful than just at a backstab deterrent, it’s good at tripping up roll timings and mix ups. Stay frosty!

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