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To the other invaders in Gank City (Rant)

Yeah I'm being salty bitch and posting about it on reddit, but some information needs to be known. FIGHT ME

Gank City is the ultimate trial for invaders, with dedicated gank squads out for blood, overleveled havelmages, and with all the mobs killed before you can even arrive to take advantage of them, and that's only the tip of the iceberg when tallying up the hometeam advantages. Seriously, if you're not at least somewhat experienced with invasions and pvp then this is NOT the place to start out. You will be faced with trials and tribulations that will discourage most if not all noobvaders from invasions all-together, I seriously recommend you start out invading at the cathedral of the deep (30-40 +3-4) or in central irythyl (50-60 +4-6). This way you won't be instantly destroyed for each mistake you make, giving you time to actually learn from them and adapt instead of pure frustration and loading screens.

But if your testicular fortitude is so unfathomable that no amount of triggered reddit posts will ever dissuade you from invading gank city, at least take my tips into some consideration.

1.) Stop yolo running into multiple phantoms headfirst, even if you have backup

You're dealing with planned ganks that are setup to dps most if not all of your health bar in a very short amount of time, they don't have friendly fire and you do. This is a huge advantage for the home team, but the gameplan is to separate their focus and prevent them from being able to cover up for eachother's mistakes. You don't even have to go balls to wall to kill a phantom, just distracting one or two is a huge help for the other reds while they dismantle a single phantom or two. I don't have any care in the world if you can't kill a phantom, but I do care if you die within 5 seconds, because that means I have to deal with another aggro'd phantom.

MAJOR bonus points if you can distract that limp wristed mage/pyromancer who's doing nothing but chuckin plasma and running away like a bitch everytime he's faced with a 1v1. YOU DON'T even have to kill that mage, just keep him preoccupied so I don't get blasted for over half my health bar every time I start to get the upper hand, I promise I will do the same for you at the first opportunity.

Speaking of plasma chucking…

2.) Chucking plasma is for gankers, NOT (noob) invaders

Seriously, it's not even a threat to gankers. They have the momentum and breathing room to easily dodge your weeb jutsus 99 percent of the time. You probably don't even have any vigor with these builds, meaning you die way faster than you should be, meaning I die way faster than I should be.

Can't get behind the argument that caster builds are bad? Fine, what if I said that it's actually MORE harmful to other invaders with your anime lovin a** around then it is without? Refer to point #1, we can hit each other (most of the time) meaning that despite your well intentioned decision to chuck a big ole space consuming disc of anime flames to hurt the home team, it usually just ends up hitting me in the process. It doesn't only hit other invaders for a billion damage, it also kills any momentum other invaders had over the home-team. Just stop, please for the love of god stop.

3) Bring a smaller/faster weapon to compliment your big ole derpy hyper armor option

Same thing that applies to spells applies to your need to be the next giant dad. The difference is that your huge ass meme sword can and probably will work SITUATIONALLY. If I have a host in a roll catch chain, stop trying to hop in and roll catch him with your giant overcompensating ultra greatsword that doesn't have a chance in hell to roll catch anyone who is competent at dodging. Instead of hitting the host, it will probably just hit me instead and then I will go out of my way to tediously send you hatemail like any other full grown adult would. If you want to team up on a phantom with another red then for the love of god swap to a straight sword, or a katana, or a spear, or literally anything that's not big slow and hits like a truck. And get on the OTHER SIDE of said target, don't attack from the same side as your invader friend if you can help it because FRIENDLY FIREEEEE


We can friendly fire, they don't hurt eachother. Gee, ya think engaging a ganksquad in a highly chaotic and cluttered area with limited escape options is a good idea? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, help me draw them downstairs, and have your silvercat ring on the ready… But if you like getting randomly plunged attacked for half your health then keep at it, I won't judge you (but I totally will)

5.) The silvercat ring is your friend

Just hardswap into it anytime you want to up into the rafters or jump down from a high place. Seriously, I see too many of you plummeting to take a ton of damage, or just outright die. Stop


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