To everyone complaining about the portrait pack

I think everyone who is issuing microaggressions towards the art department needs to check their species privilege. Not every organic out there has significant morphological differences between their sexes. We shouldn't define the worth of a species based on their genders or lack thereof. If gender is the only factor you use to define yourself, then you need to start exploring the galaxy and enrich your life, because there is a whole lot more in the cosmos.

This art pack is breaking new ground and giving a voice to many species and genders that have been marginalized throughout the eons. If you are complaining about the fact there is one female orc hairstyle, then you are just as guilty of objectifying women as the oppressive orc patriarchy. For thousands of years, female orcs have been relegated to nothing more than breeding stock. This update allows orc women to break the thatched ceiling and take their proper place as warchiefs.

This update also grants equal galactic status to cyclopean people. They have been seen as nothing more than monsters and abominations since the dawn of their civilization. Platypus people, bird people, crab people, and even horse people (and I'm not talking about centaurs, I mean equinosapians) have all been allowed to spread their civilizations before the cyclopses. The recognition of the humanoid rights of cyclopses is long overdue, and this art pack finally gives them equality.

I could go on and on about how this portrait pack has corrected so many grotesque injustices, but instead I am compiling my points into a liberal arts thesis for my major in xenosociology. I encourage everyone who has issues with the progressive changes that are taking place in the universe to embrace galactic social justice.

(But seriously, the portrait pack is fine. Yes, it's overpriced like all of paradox's DLC, but it's pretty good.)

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