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To All Rat Runners: How to play support

Preface: I know I sound like a dick. Sorry.

There's tons of guides on gearing, and they don't go into the main things you should be doing. But there's a million utterly garbage games with znecros standing around thinking all they have to do is spawn globes and moron barbs thinking all they have to do is collect them.


  1. YOU ARE THE LEADER. NOTHING gets done if the znec dies or doesnt move forward. Rats can't get essence, Barbs can't deal damage. Fucking lead for god's sake. Hunt elites, skip all the trash, and fucking bring the party to a 2.30s time. You should always be one to two screens ahead of the party if we aren't actively fighting an elite. If we don't finish in time, it's not us, it's YOU

  2. Fucking manually cast your fucking corpse lance on blues and golds. This does NOT mean stop devouring. But actually gearing your gear correctly so you have a high attack speed and can shoot out five lances with one click (you only have to have TWO stats, IAS, and CDR). Clicking once on a mob with an attackspeed of 1.75 (very easily attainable) gives you like five lances, which means it's a 25% INCREASED chance of critting. Two clicks give a 50% chance. you NEED to ramp up that critical hit chance, and relying on devour in large packs to randomly apply the debuff takes too long. You should be ahead of the pack anyways, and able to apply the debuff before your team gets there.

  3. your globes spawn mostly BEHIND you. If you do not move forward, everyone dies. Everyone. Stay ahead of the pack

  4. You can only cast one spell that has an animation at a time. Guess what two spells have casting animations? Devour and everything else (except cmd skellies). That means every second you're going full steam retard on a pack with your fucking death blight, you're not generating globes. Don't go full steam retard until you've eaten EVERY FUCKING CORPSE.

Onto the garbage Barbs:

  1. You need to always stay on the same screen as the necros. Don't go shooting off to assfuck nowhere doing nothing. Necros do not get globe bonus if you're all the way off in fucktown.

  2. Fucking whip those lazy dps rats into pace. It's going to take fucking forever between packs if you just sit there and camp the elite. Go back and force march them through the mobs and keep up the IP

  3. Fucking Rend and Shout all elite mobs. It's a huge noticeable damage boost. You need to have your goddamn IAS up so your spell casting animation doesnt take 2 years to finish. Gear your shit correctly.

Sorry for ranting. Just tilted from bad rat runs.

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