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Thoughts on the game so far after defeating Abyss Watchers. BB meets DaS. Overleveled?

Hey all, just wanted to do a quick retrospective of my first few hours with Dark Souls 3. I'm going in fairly blind, aside from knowing some of the huge spoilers, such as Spoiler:.

So far, I'm really enjoying the game, it's fairly linear, but more along the lines of Bloodborne's level design, and with it, comes a very maze like structure to most of the levels. Although I still miss DaS1's Metroidvania styled world, DaS3 still has a great sense of level design and scale (and still one of the few games that has an actual sense of vertical progression).

Full disclosure, I got my ass handed to me in the beginning by Gundyr and the giant tree. I felt like a total scrub dying as often as did, but I chalked that up to early game difficulty inherent in most of the games – I just don't have enough tools or a better understanding of the battle system. But after nearly effortlessly dispatching the Abyss Watchers, I think I'm finally getting a sense of how to "play" the game, so-to-speak. In that sense, the game feels like a cross of Bloodborne with Dark Souls – armor feels especially worthless and rolling is vastly superior to tanking/shielding everything. The speed of the game feels a lot faster, but still emphasizes a methodical approach.

But aside from that, I just had a few last thoughts. I'm currently SL 38, and I felt a bit overleveled for the Abyss Watchers. I currently have an Astora Greatsword +4 and generally aiming for a quality build (my preferred go to on first runs due to sheer versatility). That being said, they generally melted after a few hits. After that REALLY COOL transformation sequence, I was still surprised that I was able to dispatch him in about 10 hits or so. Still, this game has rekindled my love for the Souls games. The best part being the sense of exploration and adventure – seeing every new location and finding hidden nooks is immensely satisfying.

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