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Theory build competition. Part IV: Vile bastion & Profane bloom.

Hi fellow community members, soepoelse123back with another build competition.

As some might know, I've had some time to focus on school so the build competitions are getting a bit less frequent. I will, however, keep on making these for as long as people are interested (or until i run out of prizes to give away ;)).

The last competition is now concluded and the winner is jronson, who made a very interesting discharge charged dash build, that revolves around the use of frenzy charges and rather, the loss of them, to deal extreme amounts of damage with charged dash. 7 Very creative indeed!

This weeks theory build competition is all about my old favourite ascendancy class: The occultist. Now in particular its about two keystones, which I thought was very interesting, namely "Vile Bastion" and "Profane Bloom". I couldn't choose which I wanted to see more, so I chose both. THERE WILL BE SEPARATE PRIZES FOR BOTH KEYSTONES, AND THE BUILD DOESNT NECESSARILY NEED BOTH KEYSTONES!

Note: As there is an upcoming nerf to Vaal pact, the values from the new Vaal pact will be used instead of the current ones.

THE PRIZE: The prizes are to be announced

The rules of the competition are as follows:

  • Your build must be unique by a certain factor to other players premade builds.

  • Your build must use the skill/item/keystone which is required for said build, and it may not be worse than if the build didn't use it. (so build around it)

  • The build must be posted as a comment on this thread before the end of each competition

  • There must be 3+ contestants before a prize is given to the winner.

  • The build must be linked to Path of building

Concerning the prize, it will vary from contest to contest, but will most likely not be of the greatest value, but more of a complimentary prize.

I asked on the forum if i was allowed to do this and had no apparent reaction from neither modders nor GGG staff. Disclaimer, it didnt get upvoted too much:

/r/pathofexile/comments/72to1v/whats_the_rules_concerning_making_community/ Hope you all like the idea, best of luck!

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Tl;Dr Make a build using the skill/item/keystone/game mechanic and win a small prize.

Many thanks to tomatopotato1229 for donating a prize to the competition, it will be added to the prize pool!

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