The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

Or the most anime duel ever.

Until today, I've only heard about the amazing hyper armor the Crow Talons weapon art has but, for the first time, I actually got to experience it.

Smouldering Lake, Old King's Antechamber, I'd just used my souls in Firelink and went to grab the stuff I missed, and stop the balista. I go down into the room with the Ghrus. Invasion sound. I dispatch the the enemies in the room, take a few hits, invader saw me. I kill the final Guru, the guy tries to pull a cheap one and hit me from behind. I roll just in time.

The guy's in full Kirk's with Caestus. I'm decked out in Corvian Knight cosplay, Crow Quills as main, Talons in offhand.

He spams perseverance manages to get several hits in. I roll away, I don't heal. If it's to the death, then so be it. I get some hits in, shave off half his health. He heals, I heal as well. We go around trading hits for a while, he still keeps spamming perseverance.

I two hand the Crow Talons. I hit him with the WA, he loses almost 3/5 of his health. He dodges to heal. I hit him a few more times, he hits me as well. We both heal.

The most anime duel, begins. I hit the WA he uses perseverance. Try to imagine two idiots, one in a huge hat, with Freddy Krueger Class, the other's Kirk with oversized fists, wailing on each other. I can't stagger him, he can't stagger me. I sit there swinging my claws, he keeps hitting me with the Caestus. We disengage, neither of us heal, he's lost more than half of his health. I still have 2/3. For one split second we look at each other, wind blowing in our faces, tumbleweed rolling on the ground. I start the WA, he does perseverance. Once again we start wailing on each other, the only thing missing is "ATATATATATATA!". I ended up killing him.

I have never laughed like this, since I started playing the game.

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