Grand Theft Auto V

The Hunter – an underwhelming waste of cash

Probably the most heavily anticipated aircraft in GTA V, the FH-1 Hunter finally released.

Homing missles, barrage missles, bomb dropping capabilities, and a co-pilot seat with explosive rounds? Sign me up! I immediately dropped the 3.1mil (trade price) for it…

… and boy do I regret every penny. After maxing all of the upgrades before even taking it out of the hangar, I took to the skies to try out my slick new death machine. The performance of the craft left a lot to be desired to say the least.

  1. Turning

Damn near impossible. The left/right bumper DO NOT WORK while you're flying forward, and even at a stand still, they resist your every effort to turn. You mash a bumper for 2 seconds, it'll resist the turn, then it won't fucking stop turning – even when you're not touching the controls! I mean, what in the actual fuck is this?! Did my helicopter produce a cyclone of air currents that it's now inevitably stuck in? When compared to helicopters of similar build, like the Annihilator, no other copter has this control problem. So why would this one seem like a toddler designed the aerodynamics simulator?

  1. Bombs

OP as fuck, right? That's what I thought too, making it rain cluster bombs like it's the latest trend. Except, despite DIRECT HITS, it can't even blow up a sports car. I actually watched my bombs drop on, and around, a vehicle, and do no damage.

  1. Barrage Missiles

Unless you're going to kamikaze into the side of a building with these bad boys, good luck making them useful. You can't dip your nose low enough to actually strafe the ground with them, and their range before detonating is about as far as you could throw a Molotov cocktail – so good luck hitting your targets, unless they're at point blank on the mountainside.

  1. Flying in a straight line…

… would be great, if we could do so without CONSTANTLY RISING IN ELEVATION. You can't just go forward, you have to go forward and up. Rather than leaving it to the player to control the rise and fall of the aircraft, the Hunter does it all for you – except it only wants to rise. So any time you're trying to move to engage an enemy, you'll end up rising well above them and be forced to make a mile wide banking turn before you can lower yourself to target them again – and with the complete impossibility of not being able to dip the nose at all for any air-to-ground targeting, your only hope are the mediocre bombs.

Take my advice, use that 4mil on the Hydra for air superiority or don't spend it at all.

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