Grand Theft Auto V

The Flying Motorbike: A big slap in the face for the consumer

Right, let me start off by saying that I love GTA 5 and its online capabilities, but hot damn the flying motorbike. This utter disaster of a vehicle is letting those who pay extraordinary amounts of money win this game. Now, I am aware of the mobile operations center and the jets and all these other vehicles that are overpowered, but none anger me more so than the flying motorbike.

This repulsive excuse for a vehicle means that helicopters and jets, who, have already air superiority above any players on the ground, will be met with this hellish incarnation. Not only is it terrible for players who prefer the ground, but for those in the air, trying to hit this small target will find difficulty. When and if you destroy this bike, be prepared to pay up, because shooting down this thing will likely cost you $20,000. Just imagine it, your mate, however long the item up his arse his, buys a shark card and pays nearly $5 Million> already that's a crazy expense before I even begin. On top of that, he proceeds to fly around neighborhood and destroy anything he sees, land, air or even in the sea. No one can stop him, because it costs a fortune. It wasn't so bad, destroying a harrier, at least with a harrier, you knew you where somewhat safe on the ground. I urge Rockstar to fix this and I urge you to find these menaces and do something about them.

This is my opinion and please do not take it as gospel, I am but a frustrated player being gunned down by the air motorbikes, and all I can do is frustratingly stare at them.

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