The Community’s Fear of Change is Embarrassing

Changes to water will have inconveniences, but huge boons. Aesthetically speaking, a new world of water features. Iron bars, fences, slabs, maybe stairs. All things you couldn't place in water before without making unsightly air pockets. Now possible.

And the inconveniences are trivial. That we might have to rework our farms? Do we hate playing the game so much that we can't muster enthusiasm for changes at the cost of our game breaking farms? So irritated that we're upset this is even happening?

The combat changes I can get irritation over, but posts like "We cannot allow this to happen". What kind of community is this that we can be so zealous? What are you going to do? Riot against possibly the most generously produced and developed game of all time?

Mojang makes mistakes. Heck, this voting mob thing I feel like was a flop. None of them particularly interesting. The one that won? A flying mob that will only appear to attack when you have both: not slept for days, and you're high in the sky. It's a fun sounding concept, but sleep is not core enough to minecraft for that to be good design. None of the mobs were well designed. It was a ploy to get viewers to their kids show, when teasing an ocean update would have done that.

But just because they make mistakes doesn't justify the pure vitrol this sub produces. It's a reminder that many folks here must be very young to be so arrogant, misplacedly angry. Minecraft is a great game. It's cheap. It releases free content constantly. It provides access to just about every version of the game if you don't like changes. Mojang is a great company. It might have a clumsy hand for PR, but they are good natured. Progressive, no hint of weird tax dodging like other game publishers, and actively part of bettering the world with free educational services let alone making a game that is so inspiringly positive.

Can we take a chill pill and just discuss things? Not treat every disagreement as an offense?

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