Synthetic Dawn tradition swapping

I thought the subreddit might benefit from a thread collating all the available information on tradition swapping in the upcoming DLC.

Traditions that have the same effect as an existing one, but a different name, won't be listed here for now.

Tradition Name Replaced Tradition Tradition Effect
Synchronicity Harmony Adoption: Robot build speed increased by 33%. Completion: +1 monthly influence
Self-preservation Protocols Mind and Body Machine leaders are 50% less likely to suffer breakdowns and accidents
Drone Network Kinship Building build speed increased by 20%
Cyber Comms Utopian Dream Unlocks building: Neuro-Electric Amplifier Driven Assimilators
Organic Utopia Utopian Dream Organic Sanctuaries upgraded to Organic Paradises. Happiness of Bio-Trophies increased by 10%. Rogue Servitors
Versatility Diplomacy Adoption: Pop build cost reduced by 10% Completion: Buildable pops' resource production increased by 5%
Universal Compatibility The Federation Unlocks diplomacy: Form federation. Trust cap +50 and opinion +25 with Machine Inteligence empires
Operational Proxies Dynamic Ecomorphism Leader capacity increased by 2.
Peak Performance Alien Tourism Leader level cap +1
Material Analysis Federal Unity +5% unity per unique strategic resource to a maximum of +30%
Adaptive Programming Entente Coordination +1 robomodding point
Efficiency Algorithms Trans-Stellar Corporations Pop upkeep reduced by 10%

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