Grand Theft Auto V

STAR WARS Themed Crew (XB1)

Put simply, we are a STAR WARS Centered crew with an organized command structure. The crew itself is more specifically themed after the Empire, along with our logo. We're looking for new faces that are also looking for other active players that may help them in any endeavors they care to make.

Our crew does have a, slight, uniform requirement. When you're with your team/squad leader you do need to have your own respective teams colors and look somewhat tactical. But when doing your own wants you do not need to have any sort of etire. These outfits will be confirmed ok by your commanding officer. Inferno's colors are Black and red, Death Troopers are Black and green, Rogue is beige and black with the 501st being white and blue.

As far as structure goes, we have three main Squads. Those being Inferno, Death Trooper and Rogue and if you don't match up to these these then you'll be placed in our 501st. Due to the team's consisting of four or eight for Rouge if it requires. But teams are meant for the more serious and skilled players who have their head on right. We're always open to new team suggestions and ideas.

Now what does it take to be apart of the main three teams? First off, it takes skill and equipment. These being of higher leveled equipment and a heavy confidence in handling most things in the game (driving, flying, shooting, etc.).

Inferno Squad: The most elite and skilled players out there, this will be lead by the leader of the crew with the main objective being to do what is needed, and get it done right.

Death Trooper Team: These are those players that are hard to kill and hit like a train. These are our big guns that take care of any problems you may have.

Rogue Team: The extraction and thief team. You will be in charge of asset delivery/recovery with the addition of stealing any and all cargo possible.

We're not a hard bunch to get along with and looking for anyone at all to join us in taking on Heists, cargo, or club events. Look forward in hearing from you all! And remember, you don't mess with the Empire.


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