Something’s not right with the history of the human race…

Isn't it so strange that Earth has the same population size as a relatively recent splinter colony? And not even as high as you'd expect if you believe that a single human pop is equal to a billion individuals. Yet another discrepancy is that the UNE's ideology is as liberal as possible, rather than the nonpartisan pacifism of the modern United Nations. But then take into account the fact that there is an alternative timeline, one where humanity is under wing of rogue servitors with only two population units. Now, most of us were probably under the impression that the split between the UNE and Custodian timeline was whether or not the Custodian network is developed, but what if it's actually based on which one wins world war three? With so many souls submitting themselves over to the Custodianship, all that would be left to involve themselves in the UN would be nationalists, extreme right wingers, spiritual fanatics and other fans of personal advancement, self-determination and independance. The Ulysses Initiative must have been a last ditch attempt at ensuring that something would be left of human culture, I mean, why else would you give sizably manned ships extremely dangerous and underdeveloped technology? Isn't it a bit weird that a small colony decided entirely on their own that they need to ensure an aggressive military dominion? What if the real reason that the Commonwealth ended up so excessively militaristic was that they were gearing up to retake humanity from being reduced to overly smart pets? While the UNE must have mellowed out enough to focus on reaping the rewards of what the Custodians would have taken from them, the COM wouldn't have that sort of closure when they couldn't even message Earth until the time was right for fear of attracting their worst enemy to destroy the last remnants of human freedom. In fact, COM culture could easily be a snapshot of the UN pre-victory.

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