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Something to add replayability and would be very fun, if a dev/rep is reading please consider

So Dark souls 3 is great, it has its flaws, but whatever. I've played through the game 5 times now and while that's plenty, most of the reason I kept playing was for the boss fights. The boss fights are very fun, but if you want to do them again you have two options:

  1. Replay the game again, either on a new character or NG+
  2. Get summoned

I don't necessarily mind these options, but I may not want to play through the game entirely again just to fight a boss, and if I'm summoned the fight ends up being too easy and less rewarding than if you'd done it yourself. The devs have been pretty good about adding content past the game's due date which is awesome, but one more feature which I think would be a great benefit would be a boss rush mode. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but here's how I think it should work.

The boss rush is comprised of all bosses you've fought up to that point in the playthrough, your items replenished with each new boss, with one unit being removed each time, i.e. if you have 10 estus flasks, the next fight you'll only have 9, with a cap at 5, same goes for ashen flasks, with a cap of 2. Another good feature would be to have a "hard" boss rush mode, where the bosses start in their second phase/hardest phase, and have increased health and damage. Order of bosses are randomized. First fight could be Midir, second Deacons, etc.

No summons are available for boss rush, or if they are, they don't get resummoned if they die. Normal boss rush would reward a chunk every 3 bosses, Hard mode rewards no chunks, but one slab at the very end, but only if you have every boss in the game available in the rush. List any other features of this mode you'd like to see, if I haven't mentioned them.

I know it's a long shot, but hey, it's out there now.

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