Some thoughts from a newbie quitting during mid game.

I've played a bunch of stellaris, enough that I think I have a good grasp of the mechanics and I understand how things work. However I find that my games rarely make it past the mid game. I generally play on a small to medium map with the preset civilization numbers

I've been wondering why that is beyond saying that the mid game is just boring. I feel like a big part of it for me is that I probably don't know how to build my Empire correctly. For example when to be building fleets, what to build on my planets and what planets to colonise.

Because of this I feel like in the mid game it's not so much for me that there's nothing to do, it's more that I don't know what I can do. I don't know if my Empire is progressing enough because I don't know if I've built my planets correctly let alone understand how my sectors work. Next I have no idea of the capability of my military and so I don't know who to attack or when to attack and why.

I'm sure there are more thoughts that I have on this but I only came up with these while I'm at work tonight so it's still a bit barebones. It's a real shame because I love the game but I've never made it to an endgame crisis and even if I did I'd have no idea if I would have progressed far enough to a point that I could handle it. I guess I'm just wondering what people suggest I should do or how I can get my head around some of these concepts that prevent me from making it to the end game. Similar to government, ethics, and poluation control/laws. No idea what I am doing here.

Part of me thinks that the idea of winning the game similar to civilization is not exactly the main goal in a game of stellaris. So maybe I should stop worrying about whether I'm doing well enough and just accept what happens(getting annexed/vassalised or just humilliated in a war). But on the other hand I really want to finish and hopefully win at least one game of stellaris.

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