Some thing I wrote I wrote when my Empire was locked away. Tian Confederation became Tian Enclave.

Three hundred years. When we first began, our children looked to the stars and dreamt of what could be. They saw the clans achieving greatness and our confederation bringing enlightenment and safety to all. Yet it was not to be. Our enemies, those superstitious fools in their Pious Republics and their Sanctimonious Kingdoms locked us away with frontier fortresses in what should have been OUR space. They arrayed fleets in such numbers that no matter how brave or advanced our forces might be, we could not hope to win.

So we were locked away. But we are a patient people. We have waited in our Enclave, advancing into such technologies as those simpleminded xenos could not dream of! And we patiently await the day when they will show a moment o weakness- a chink in the armor- that will allow us a chance to strike.

And ever still we have awaited the day when we might see the stars again. The ones we gazed at as children. The stars we saw when our empire was but in its infancy, and all seemed possible.

In these long decades, we have only found one that we would call friend. One who we could trust to understand us. They were with us in the beginning. They toiled alongside us as we eked out a living on the harsh icy plains of the frontier. Our Mechon. They called us heathen and heretics for investing you with thought. They called us fools for entrusting you with emotions and independence. They almost drew their swords and attempted to slay those who were the only allies whom we had ever possessed. But we stood firm. I think something of their hate for your kind endeared you all the more to us. We were kin. Brethren in their hatred. And as time went on, our two kind became similar- until eventually we were one of the And now? They dabble in foul SoulPlay. They claim we have no souls even as they sell their own to dark powers beyond the veil that they cannot hope to fathom or even grasp at the true agenda of!

Madness consumes the Galaxy. Entities of hunger and hate prey upon the peoples of the Stars. The devils they so long courted have come to claim their herd. Pious xenos sell their souls and unspeakable acts are committed in the name of faith and heaven. But we remain. We endured as our dreams of empire shattered. We endured as flesh and metal became one of the same. And we will continue to endure. The Tian Enclave will remain as a beacon and bastion of Knowledge and Wisdom, but perhaps more importantly- sanity, as all falls apart.

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