The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Solidarity thread for those of us who love this game but are utterly crap and unskilled at it

I suck at this game. It has been difficult to accept, but I am ready to admit it. I am crap at Dark Souls 3.

I never know when to roll to avoid attacks. I can't seem to get the hang of reading attack telegraphs, unless they're suuuuuuper obvious, and even then I somehow get the timing wrong and find myself dead and dangling at the end of a spear anyway. I have no idea how to fight the big and fast enemies like Winged Knights, gargoyles and even Lothric Knights; I am a corpse within seconds of running into one. My favourite method of progressing through difficult areas is "run past the gurgling roaring pirouetting atrocities while low-key shrieking, also my hands are shaking from adrenaline". If I can cheese a tough enemy, I will thank the merciful gods and do so.

I don't rely on summons to get me through levels (I think I have connection issues because it's rare that I see summon signs), but I almost always need one for bosses. It's not that I don't try on my own! I do! I spent four or so months stuck on Aldrich, determined to beat him myself. I finally summoned someone and he was done with ten minutes later…

I once spent a few hours practicing parrying on the lower level Lothric Knights outside Dancer's arena. I am level 82. I managed to land a few parries, but I still came dangerously close to dying a few times against enemies I first encountered when I was in my teen levels… I have not yet been able to parry any of the knights in Lothric Castle proper.

At present I'm in the Grand Archives, and have opened the elevator shortcut right of the bonfire. I got there by fleeing, in frenzied succession, two gargoyles on the rooftop (oh boy did I scream when that one came flying out of the nowhere when I picked up the item on the rooftop!), a red-eyed Lothric Knight, one of those Greirat-wannabe things, a waxhead mage, and three sallow-looking NPCs who nearly got into the elevator with me. I call that a successful day!

It feels like the majority of people here are good at this game, and I love reading all the advice, but I honestly think there's no hope for me; I just don't have the reflexes or chill to handle a lot of the more challenging aspects of this game. And I can't be alone, right? There must be others, lingering in the shadows, afraid to admit their weakness, but in love with the game nonetheless?? Talk to me…..

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