Snapshot 17w47a appreciation thread

Let me start by saying that I've been playing this game for well over 5 years now, and I don't remember when was the last time I was enjoying a single snapshot, let alone update that much. I learned to accept all these little quirks, such as "why are there hidden blocks from the creative game menu?", "why can't I place 3 chests next to each other while pocket edition has this feature for ages?", "why is the creative menu so illegible?" and hundreds of other little details. You wouldn't notice them as a new player; no, these kinds of features or bugs are expected to just not be there since the beginning. But I know how it is, and I won't be that person to unappreciate features just because of that "lol I'd add that sooner".

Honestly, the amount of the little additions to the game is overwhelming. Of those most important and noticeable ones, we have:

  • trapdoors, pressure plates and buttons added for all types of blocks, together with ability to rotate the latter(-est?);
  • an absolutely massive amount of blocks missing were added to the creative inventory, which means the unholy smooth double slab blocks are now canon, mushroom blocks obtainable in survival can be obtained in creative mode as well now (ironic, isn't it?), pumpkin family found its long-lost Slenderman brother etc.
  • debug stick, which I honestly love and sincerely hope is not an accidental "whoops-we-forgot-to-remove-it-I-guess-we'll-do-it-next-week"-type of feature;
  • all 3 above block changes create insane amounts of possibilities when it comes to detailing and building, making them substantially easier and more varied. Me likey.
  • new commands & command syntax helper, which is awesome, but could use a few small tweaks, such as bringing back the autocompletion of relative coordinates (when not looking at any surface (~ ~ ~)) and other commands with the TAB button, instead of space bar. Also, the only thing I dislike – some simple commands are now REALLY difficult, space & time consuming even to write out, and laggy when executed. Several functionalities were removed a bit needlessly and it's a big deal for me, as a part of mapmaking community – we have to relearn most of what we already know, simple things became needlessly complicated and old maps got broken

… alright that didn't sound that positive. But I do enjoy the changes, and hope for commands to get even better as soon as possible.

So, for all these features, I'm grateful to Mojang developers. This consistency update was really needed since a long time, and when the time finally came, the game just felt a bit better.

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