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Siege changes are incompatible with the EU/NA servers!

Hello, I am a fellow BDO Europe player which has played this game intensively since launch. I always strive to be competitive in my online experiences. It always has been a messy road, however as of late it simply has exceeded my tolerance. Therefore I felt like I had to step up and make this thread.

The recent changes regarding the EU/NA sieges have been received with mixed feelings. I do however wish to zoom in why they are incompatible with the EU/NA siege scenes.

The militia generally adds a 100 players up to 150 players to a siege scene. For castle sieges these amounts are significant enough to reduce player's performance significantly.

The more important change however is the friendly fire option. In castle sieges this allows for extreme stacking of guilds within one rendered area. Here is an example of how that looks: Image

The servers of EU/NA were barely able to hold sieges scene over the past 16 ~ months. There were already tons of complains and glitch/lag video's and so on in circulation.

With this recent change however everything became significantly worse for heavy loaded sieges. The game servers are absolutely unable to offer a large scale siege experience.

Despite anyone's computer specs, the frames will drop to below 15 FPS, you literally are watching a power-point presentation and to make things worse, your skills and commands do not register or register seconds up to 10's seconds late.

The European Valencia siege of yesterday (18-11-17) was a great example, it included 150 ~ militia, 40 ~ spectators and at least 500 siege players. People experienced issues such as no rage, negative rage, stuck in the floors, no hits received, no kill logs, no damage done, delayed skills, not registered skills and much more.

It resulted in a negative experience for nearly everyone (650+ players) and it completely removed all tactic strategies involved regarding a proper castle siege.

I will link just a few recorded examples to make my case: Video 1 Video 2

Alongside the following stream to rewatch for yourselves: Steam 1 Stream 2 (from around hour 5:45)

And the following European Pod-cast were it is being discussed heavily: Podcast (from around minute 29)

These issues have to be solved immediately, for now the siege experience is unbearable and you have implemented a chain of changes which are currently incompatible with the EU/NA servers as mentioned above.

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