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Serious Question about Duo

Hey! This is not a troll post. I know game is RNG as hell. And I heard about the chance, that BDO could use a time-based Pseudo-RNG.

BUUUUUUUT: lately (like 3-4 ~weeks ago) I noticed, that me and my guys can't enhance duo the way it was before. TRI works way more often than DUO. Nowadays I keep clicking DUO til 38 FS, cause it never succeeds, on green items, on ultimates, on boss gear. TRI works so often at 26+ FS.

Of course, this could be strange rng, but I enhanced a ton lately and I noticed this everytime. Went for alot of TETs the last weeks, which resulted in endless DUO enchants (not just boss gear, also green offhands and stuff). Multiple times I failed 20+ times (in a ROW!!!!!!!), sometimes I go full madness and click duo even on 38+ FS, cause all chars are filled up with ~40fs and I got no space. Guess what? It does not succeed, easy TET stacks. Everyone is going mad about building failstacks, for me it's the easiest thing in the world rn to build up 30-40FS. I just need my Rhik Talisman/Heve Lvl-Helmet and it's easy 30-40fs for attempting DUO.

I heard this from alot of friends lately. DUO being a total disaster. Some months/weeks ago DUO was never a problem for me… now everything seems to be rigged. I enhanced hundreds of items the last weeks, hundreds of DUO tries, tons of TRI tries… and got some TETs.

This is not a complain-post. Maybe this is not bad luck, it's kinda sick to get those easy TRI/TET stacks everytime. Just wondering. So much stuff went wrong in the game as we all know, I just have a strong feeling that DUO success rate also is kinda broken through a bug or anything.

I can't believe, that DUO base success rate is like and TRI like like the datamined sheets say.

Please reply, and be honest, if you lately had the same feeling about DUO.

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