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RE: Removed MTX Thread – Rule Modification Discussion

Hey all,

This is a followup on this thread, regarding the removal of the highly upvoted post that was a duplicate of a previous one. Skim it if you aren't familiar (although it has 23000 views so you've likely already done so)

I think that the community feedback on the removal (about ~60% against it) deserves a followup so that the mods and the community are in agreement about the rule enforcement. Here's the competing motivations I'd like to resolve with this:

  1. Silencing people's voices is bad
  2. Lots of duplicate threads are bad
  3. Mods don't have 24/7, or even 20/5 coverage of the subreddit, around holidays.
  4. Mods try to apply the rules exactly as they are written, because if we bend them as we see fit, we're acting like dictators.

Here's the suggested change:

Take rule 8:

Refrain from posting content that is about the same topic within a short period of time. Everything, but the original, will be removed.

And change it to:

will be removed, unless it has significantly more community involvement, such as twice as many comments as the thread it duplicates.

At the time of removal, the original thread had ~120 comments, and the duplicate thread with more involvement had ~350 comments. The removal would've been prevented. I didn't choose a raw comment count because the growth of the subreddit (+30% since the beginning of summer) may make that number irrelevant sooner rather than later. I think this allows the mods to still enforce the rules as listed, while also preventing our lapses in moderation due to allowing threads to slide by from harming discussion.

Like this change? Hate this change? Vote for it!


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