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Rainbow Gonlin Spawned Whimsyshire Portal!

After taking a break from completing the Seasonal Achievements while grinding both Nephalem Rifts and Greater Nephalem Rifts with little to no items that are needed for my build I decided to try to run some Bounties to gather up more Resources for the Kanai’s Cube to Extract Legendary Item Bonuses.

The final Bounty was a huge surprise when I found a single rainbow goblin that I quickly killed from a Blizzard from the Etched Sigil that triggered. Without much thought I almost ran into the Portal that had just spawned. To much of my surprise I was transported to a land full of Rainbows and Cuddle Bears that had Pots of Gold and Magic Mushrooms to name a few.

All the Bubbly Clouds dropped Imperial Gems and Gold in excess. Sunflowers and Plants would Attack for random Rare Quality Items and Piñatas granted a chance of random Legendary Items!

Not only was I able to find a Ancient Legendary Wand that was much needed – although not a particular fit for my current build – however I also found the rarest item of that particular Zone!

The Horadric Hamburger Dagger in Ancient Legendary is quite the unusual Weapon and looks exactly like a Hamburger? Unfortunately, it does not offer any additional benefits and the affixes are not worth equipping. I’m sure it might look funny on the Scoundrel although I shouldn’t shame him even though his dialogues can sometimes become ridiculous. I was really hoping that it would grant access to the infamous Not The Cow Zone however it does not.

I really did not expect to see anything like this and especially since I ran into a mob of Goblins that further lessened in size a few minutes prior. Between the Hamburger and the two Wands (exactly the same) and a random Amulet plus all the Gems I would need for Gear and over 3 Million in Gold allowed me to purchase the Hellfire Amulet with Gold still left over.

Silly as it might be I think I should wait until tomorrow and hope that any luck will carry over with me for Wednesday’s Shard Gambling’s amongst other events!

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