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Pyromancer PvP/Invasions Build

Well hello there! This is actually my first post here in the community and Reddit overall so if i'm doing something wrong or/and i should change something about the format of this post, please tell me so i can change it.

Now! To the main topic.

A friend recommended me DS3 to me, i've played DS2 before and here i found my favorite class, which is the Pyromancer, i love fire-magic kind of playstyle with a mix of Physical power, i have 130hs played and my main character (the pyro) is on the 3rd Journey to do the rest of questlines i might have not yet finished on my 2 first playthrough. My SL is 145 (Not gonna lvl up anymore) Because my friend explained to me the meta lvl is between 120 and 140-ish.

Now here comes my question, it's about the build, i'm running this:

40 on HP 30 on Endurance (might be between 30 and 33, not sure) 24 on Attunement 20 on Dex 15 on Strenght 40 int 40 faith And some points extra on Max load (for the fashion souls)

I've tweeked my build a few times, adding some more Strenght and Dex, leaving Int and Faith on 35. Less Attunement and more Endurance. But i have yet to find my sweet spot, a build i'm really comfortable with. The spells i use most are CBV; BF ; Black Serpent; Fire Fan (or w/e it's name is) and Fire Surge (sometimes)

My weapon choice is Demon's Scar +5; Onyx Sword +5 Carthus Curved Sword +10; and grass shield off-hand and/or Ceastus. (Still learning how to parry properly).

What i'd like you to do is recommend me a build, weapon choice, spells, stats, and some "Pro Pyro" tips for when it comes to Invading and PvP. And some pyro youtubers or something like that so i can learn from others. Thanks a lot for reading, and sorry if it was too long. Praise the Sun!

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