Black Desert Online

[PSA] BE CAREFUL! One of Kakao’s hotfixes to avoid disconnects can actually backfire and get you killed.

tl;dr: They made it so the server waits a very long time before kicking you in case you disconnect, so if your Internet dies or something while you're in a situation where you might die odds are you will.

They basically extended the amount of time the servers will wait for you before kicking you out due a timeout error. I found this out yesterday when my Internet went off for about 20~30s (was playing PUBG while on Discord, got kicked from Discord and PUBG) while having BDO on tray. After Internet came back I decided to check on BDO, expecting to find myself kicked and having to reconnect. To my surprise I was still online, processing and saw a flash of items getting posted on the marketplace (like everything was going super fast to compensate for the time I was "lagging").

I felt this was quite nice since, unless it was a one time thing, this meant that one would very rarely get DC'd overnight unless power went off or your Internet died for like a very long time. Nevertheless later on I was in the desert, had the debuff and my Internet went poop again. It happened again… got kicked from everything I was doing, Netflix stopped too, but never got kicked out of BDO. Everything came back to normal and I was almost dead due to the desert debuff. This happened once more over the night (my ISP was having some problems in my area), but this time I instantly closed my client when I saw what was going on, since I was in the desert and had learned from my previous experience. I logged in back and found myself dead due to the desert debuff.

This means that if you're grinding at any hard place by yourself and your Internet dies you're most likely gonna find yourself dead.

So, in the end, if you're AFK processing/fishing/whatever this is a great change, but if you're doing any risky activity you're gonna find yourself sending a ticket. This is also why when you ping Leaseweb you still get packet loss and 408912ms but don't get DC'd.

Anyone else had a similar experience? I've had this happen since yesterday.

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