Outlast 2


It all startet when Simon peacock quit the Murkoff Corp. trying to destroy it, working as a Journalist with (probably) Miles Upshur together. Waylon Park contactet Miles sending him to Mount Massive. He tried to damage the Murkoff Corp. before. But what he found out this time was big enough to destroy it forever but he never came out "alive". Waylon Park was the only one escaping but with not enough evidince to destroy the company completley. But he damaged it enough. After that by a Trailer near Mount Massive, Billy was getting killed. (But we dont know for sure if he is really dead or not). Miles is controlling a swarm of ants but is also able to controll other things such as "Dragonflies". Simon peacock "died" after the events of Outlast whistleblower. The Time goes by and its been 2 years since the events of Mount Massive happend. Paul Marion finds him self in a Dialogue between him and from the Walrider healed Simon Peacock. He gets the coordinates of the Arizona desert. Simon peacock was nearby when the Paul's where in CO by the trailer when Miles is making an appearance on top of the Trailer from Billys Mom. But Simon Peacock is later seen nearby Miles his appartment in Washington DC. Miles was standing right in front his appartment at least that is what his neighbor told to the Paul's.

After getting in a Hospital with a pregnant woman in the Building he finds his work partner bringing him a suit. Then they Both go to the pregnant woman that he found in the Arizona desert. She is getting murderd by his partner and brought back to the place he fond her. When he returns home he see's that his daughter is kidnapped and written on the walls is "you work for us know". He is trying to get the wallprinting away.

Meanwhile: She is asking in the Hospital questions about the pregnant escaped temple gate woman. He was supposed to make sure she and her Husband doesn't find temple gate but becouse of "someone" else they found out. She and her Husband go there to invastigate the place after a mysteries Helicopter crash he wakes up (The Husband). Trying to find his wife. On his way he is climbing on a old Railway bridge as suddenly a swarm of "Dragonflies" are trying to lift him up causing him to come across with some mysteries "Radio Towers".

In the early morning after a storm an swarm of ants are destroying the Radio Towers causing a explosion. But the Husband survives the explosion only to get into the next Hell.

Meanwhile: He is tied to a chair talking with Simon Peacock going back and forth. Than the Face of him slowly is getting the form of a normal person… a Human…

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