Now that the Update Aquatic has been confirmed a revamp of oceans, it’s time for a revamp of turtles in Minecraft

Here's the OG post for those who haven't seen it

Hey guys,

So as we have seen from Minecon Earth, we have a big update coming for 1.14 with oceans getting a revamp. But we seem to, at the current time, be missing the most important creature of the oceans: turtles

Now Billy, you might be saying, turtles aren't the most important creatures of the ocean. In this, we will disagree. However, I suggest that not one, not two, but three turtles variants for the chance to be added in 1.14. Please note this is all speculation and things aren't 100% ironed out.

  • Turtle 1: The Sea Turtle

With oceans getting revamped, we need a method of travel that's below the surface rather than above via boats. Sea turtles can spawn in the coral reefs (think Finding Nemo reference), and you can right click them similar to horses to tame them. Keep in mind this is all underwater. Once tamed, you can place a saddle on them like horses/pigs, and fly through the seas; just make sure you have a method to breathe underwater. The sea turtle would be a passive mob, with around 12 hearts; killing it would drop turtle meat, which combined with mushroom soup would make turtle soup to heal for 4 hearts, and very rarely drop a sea turtle shell, which when equipped to chestplate would give a movement speed increase while underwater.

  • Turtle 2: The Tortoise

Turtles aren't just in the water. The most common ones are on land; this is that mob, which can be found in swamps. The tortoise is passive, like the sea turtle, but can't be tamed or ridden. You can breed these with fish, which is different from the other two turtle options. The tortoise would have 10 hearts with some armor built in due to the shell. If you kill a tortoise, it also has the chance to drop turtle meat as well as the rare drop of tortoise shell, which when equipped in the chestplate slot would give knockback resistance to any bow with Punch and any sword with Knockback.

  • Turtle 3: The Snapping Turtle

Let's be honest. We need something to actually fight that can fight back. This hostile turtle will spawn in jungle rivers and attack anything that comes near. It has 20 hearts with extremely high armor built in, and if it gets a hit off on you, it will deal a ton of damage. With no armor, this mob will one-shot you; with non-enchanted diamond armor, you'll be knocked down to 3 hearts. Basically, this is a mob you don't want to mess with, but killing the mob has a very big reward. Aside from the turtle meat drop, the extremely rare drop (equivalent to about wither skelly head drop percentage) is the snapping shell. This chestplate replacement has the power of essentially Thorns 5 with extremely high durability.

Hopefully with the changes that are coming in the future we can put the turtle meme to rest, as well as possibly have some of these ideas implemented somehow. Thanks for reading, and leave any comments about improving the ideas above!

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