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Next Soulsborne game wish list

If you're like me, you are anxiously awaiting FROM's next big game. Whether it's in the Soulsborne genre or not, FROM has given sufficient reason for to trust their creative processes and invest in their media as a source of entertainment, no matter the type of game they choose to release next.

However, saying I am overdue for a new Souls experience could be an understatement. The day that FROM releases a teaser for their next Soulsborne project will be the day I die of giddy excitement.

FROM, in case you were taking suggestions, I have compiled my personal wish list for your next game.

1.Challenge modes. I know a lot of fans can be pretty divided on this but hear me out. Similar to Mortal Kombat X's challenge towers or Injustice's Battle mode, I want an option to turn on modifiers for your journey through the game after you complete your first playthrough. Maybe a timer for a speedrun, or locking all ranged weapons and attacks so you can't use them, or only allowing ranged weapons, or locking you at soul level 1, or a boss rush mode similar to the mods we see for PC, maybe even an option to disable our dodge for all those "no block no dodge" boss runs. And give us rewards for completing these modes like an aura around our character or flair for our fashion souls, obviously nothing that affects gameplay but instead something that we can show off as a way of saying, "Yeah, look what I did." Make challenge runs more accessible instead of forcing the player to abide to the honor system or install a mod.

  1. DS2 style NG+ Make the next consecutive vanilla play throughs more memorable by making them a unique experience. New enemy types, different enemy placements, unique NPC invaders, and different items (beyond rings) hidden throughout the game. Keep the game a unique experience.

  2. Make parrying great again Bloodborne's combat is superb and satisfying and one of the greatest reasons for it is that in order to succeed in the game, you have to git gud at parrying. Personally, I would prefer something more akin to a shield parry instead of the ranged weapon but that's just me. DS3 felt almost too easy with those 100% physical damage shields but at the same time it just made sense to have in the game so I can't complain too much. Nevertheless, I know I, and a large amount of the community, would love to have another gaming experience designed around the parrying mechanic.

  3. Unique and viable weapons Let's take a look back to DS2, where we were given a plethora of weapons and they all were viable options to create a build off of. People say DS2 had the best multiplayer in large part because of the weapon variety and I can't agree more. It also kept the game fresh, choosing to make a poise/greatsword build on one run and the next run choosing a nimble and fast katana wielding ninja. In DS3 Straight swords are without a doubt top tier and no matter which one you use, they all have similar attacks. Also, infusion meant you could use practically any weapon with any build instead of focusing to have the two compliment each other by investing points in different stats to make the weapon shine. One gem and a blacksmith would create a weapon suited for whatever build you were running instead of creating a build suited for a specific weapon or weapon type. And ultimately the experience is less for it. Where as in Bloodborne you may have fewer weapons but each one is unique in their attack and feel, which if think would be more appreciated over all.

  4. Build diversity My favorite build to use is a good ol' quality build. It keeps my weapon options open, puts out consistent damage, and is a fun play style. Pyromancy, faith, and miracle builds just don't really do it for me. I don't have fun tossing spells at an enemy that they ultimately could dodge in a somewhat easy fashion. People say Bloodborne fixed that but I disagree. Bloodborne just erased it from their game. I want a diversity of play styles. Let the pyromancer actually use his flames as a weapon the same way I would a sword, casting arcs of flame as if they were whips. Maybe limit the initial damage that is inflicted but let the flames burn over time causing delayed damage over a few seconds. Give these builds their own unique mechanics and don't just limit them to different damage types inflicted (magic, lightning, fire, dark).

  5. A comprehensible plot Something I loved about DS3 more than the other games is I felt like I had a grasp of what was going on. Kind of. Soulsborne games are celebrated for their vague history and clues hidden in item descriptions, dialogue, and the environment and I don't desire that formula to change. What I do wish for is the immediate story that we experience throughout our gameplay to be more clear. Instead of killing the bosses because they are in our way or go here just because this path is open, give us clear objectives and motives for what we are doing. I liked how in DS3 it was clear we were hunting down Lords of Cinder to return them to their thrones, and the stories on who the lords were and what their history was could be found in the game if we went digging. The reason on why are fighting each boss along the way becomes clear as well. We find out the Twin Princes rejected the doctrine of reigniting the first flame. Pontiff Sulyvahn worshipped Aldrich and was attempting to stop us, thus was why we encountered Vordt, Sulyvahn's watchdog in Lothric, so he could impede our progress. Iudex Gundyr was meant to be a gauntlet for the Ashen One. Beyond DS3, Sif was guarding the covenant of Artorias to prevent you from being lost to the Abyss, Quelaag was just protecting her sister, and the Last Giant remembered you kicking his ass in the past and wanted revenge. In contrast, some bosses we had no reason to kill besides the fact that we couldn't progress until we did, or to retrieve an item. Examples include Dragon Slayer Armour, Moonlight Butterfly, Prowling Magus and Congregation. We need more reason to fight bosses and even mobs in general beyond, "The game told us to." DS3, for the most part, did a good job in giving their bosses and mobs motive behind their actions, where as the bulk of DS2 and Bloodborne was more, "Kill these people just because." I know "A hunter must hunt," but that's a shallow reason to go on a genocidal rampage against Lovecraftian creatures throughout land. In short, give me enough information and motive for the task at hand, but keep enough of the land's history and lore a mystery begging to be discovered.

  6. Giant Dad I would flip my shit if I were to walk through a fog wall and see the legend himself doing a "Well? What is it?" gesture. Obviously I would hope he would fit into the lore in some way and not just be pointless fan service (Old Dragonslayer in DS2). For this I have no convincing argument besides I really really want a Giant Dad boss fight.

Obviously these are all my own personal desires and I really don't expect them to be in the next game, but hey, a gamer can dream right?

As always, fuck Midir

EDIT: Idk what's wrong with the numbers. It shows up correct when I go to edit the page. Oh well.

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