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Need a good build barb for general rifting, under this preference

I don't necessarily want a "farming" build, but rather something I can just put on for doing anything other than solo grifts. Examples would be, regular nephalem rifts, helping people level, bounties- or even for casual pug grifts.

Just an all around versatile build, I will tell you the ones I have and have used this season.

Right now I'm a raekor/ik charge Barb. I'm paragon 750+ and have a few ancients including my IK BB. I noticed that charge build is very frustrating to play in anything other than solo rifts.

I was before hota/IK build- it was pretty versatile in that sense and it was easy to play, but i don't find it as fun as ww Barb.

I have a lot of ancient pieces from the ww set (wastes set) and I also have an ancient pride of Cassius. I was hearing from the top barbs that hota/ik build is over rated and charge is the best, with whirlwind being the second best. Which iteration of that, I do not know.

What's a good ww build to go with that's versatile? I see a lot online, but it contradicts itself. I saw rhykker's ww Barb guide made a month ago, but it's definitely out of date, as I don't see any barbs going with that exact build.

I guess I want something that's whirlwind focused, I also think using bul kathos swords would be better for the speed, rather than slanderer/little rogue.

Anyways, let me know what you think, thank you.

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