My hopes for the new border control mechanic in Cherryh.

Let me start off by saying I don't think this will happen, but I think it could be interesting.

So let's start with the basics. You first get to claim a space with a small station that lets you harvest material. To 'fortify' it, you upgrade it to a defense platform which prevents other claims until destroyed.

So my hopes for this new mechanic is that it allows for multiple claims on a space, but further, multiple harvesting stations per resource. How does that work? Easy, each nation has to build their own stations to harvest in a system, no more stealing others when you take it over. Second, the resources are fixed, say there are 4 minerals if two groups have stations each gets 2.

As you can see this would make allow for a pretty brutal mechanic in that if you don't fortify each territory others can poach. Obviously, poaching is not as good as owning all the resources. But on a rich node, it can still turn a profit if you're willing to risk war. Further, this invites economic sabotage in the form of contesting frontier territory. You can nullify your rivals income at some expense on your own. Thus you can win an economical battle without having to spend it on ships.

Anyways this is just my idea, while I'm at dreaming I would make all military stations have FTL inhibitors by default but require an energy cost to maintain. Give it a fort maintenance style feel from EU4 where you can mothball inner forts to save money but keep the border forts up. This would also allow forts to have a high base energy maintenance with FTL inhibition up but be cheaper with it off, making picking strategic chokepoints a huge advantage for maintenance savings. You can also burn energy to stall by turning them all on, buying time to build up your fleets.

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