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[MTX Giveaway] Giving away 50x Razer Footprints

TLDR: Post something in thread -> maybe get razer footprints tonight


Four years ago, when Razer Footprints were released, you could get them by just entering a throwaway-email-address in some mailing list or so.

I spent like an hour or two and acquired >100 Razer Footprint codes and kept them in a txt-file on my desktop for four years while only giving a few keys to friends.

A few days ago someone mentioned that they would fit the upcoming leagues Black & Green theme and it turned out razer finally stopped handing them out two years ago so they are kind of something special now.

In this thread I will be giving away 50 Razer Footprint Codes so more people can beat up the Lich with green fidget spinners under their feet.

In order to enter the giveaway just post anything in this thread, I'll let it run for 12 hours – till 10pm GMT – so most people have a chance to enter, once the time is up I'll put all names in a google spreadsheet, sort it alphabetically and have draw 50 random numbers for me.

To prevent people from entering with too many accounts I will try sorting out throwaways. (I know I obtained the keys that way, but this is different!)

Disclaimer: People that are not actively participating on reddit might seem like throwaways. F for them. Depending on the amount of begging-pms in my inbox I might also exclude people who beg / make silly offers in private messages.

Have fun & good luck!

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