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[LOOTFILTER] NeverSink’s itemfilter – version 5.4 – Abyss League Hype. FilterBlade adjustments, Shaper/Elder items.

NeverSink's itemfilter – version 5.4 – Abyss League Hype. FilterBlade adjustments, Shaper/Elder items.

( The filter won't work before 3.1 hits – you can try it out on however )

Hello Exiles! This update adjusts the filter to support all the new 3.1 additions (Abyss-Jewels, Stygian Belts, New Maps, New Divination cards, "Shelder" Items etc). It also adjusts the Chancing, Crafting, Divination, Leveling and Unique tierlists to hopefully fit well into the start of the league.

3 Important notes:

  • If something goes wrong and there will be a problem with the filter, I'll hotfix it, within minutes from the league start. Check my twitter/filter thread for updates

  • The economy is tiered to more or less reflect an early league economy based on past economy data, observations and 3.1 patch based predictions. I'll update the filter again within the next days to reflect a more matured economy

  • was adjusted and updated for 3.1 as well – HOWEVER, there might be a few too many people accessing it at the same time, so it might be a tiny bit slow to load. Please no DDOSerino.

Good luck in the Abyss league!

Details and Downloads

The filter can be downloaded from several sources:

  • FILTERBLADE: You can download + customize different sub-versions directly on

  • GITHUB: If you want the whole filter-package directly, including all subversions use GITHUB

  • PoE forum: For more information, questions and feedback use my forum thread.

  • Use NotePad++ if you want to edit the filter by hand! If you want the notepad++ highlighting you can also find it on GITHUB.


Filter changelog:

  • Adjusted to work with all the new changes (maps, abyss jewels, shaper, elder items, new divination cards…)

  • Added some goodies to to the Customizer and Loot Simulator 🙂

  • Adjusted the Chancing tier list: "Ebony Tower Shield" (Tukohama's) "Glorious Plate" ("Kaom's Heart") "Gold Amulet" (Bisco's) "Rawhide Tower Shield" (Lycosidae – SPIDER SHIELD) "Sorcerer Boots" (Skyforth) "Full Wyrmscale" (Belly of the Beast)

  • Added Shaper/Elder Item Treatment – 2 tiers (One for interesting "shelder" Items (ilvl 84 great bases, atlas, stygians etc., top crafting bases) and one for "all other "shelder" items"). Shaper and elder items are treated the same for now ("shelder")

  • Added Abyss Jewel Treatment with extra rulesets for ILVL 84 abyss jewels

  • Added Stygian Vice belts with extra rulesets for 75+ rare stygs and 84+ stygians

  • Added all the new divination cards

  • Minor updates to the leveling section

  • Adjusted all map tiers to work with the new "ShapedMap" mod

  • Adjusted the crafting and T1/T2 rares to have a slightly higher focus on sceptres. Also did some minor adjustments, removed some T2 rares.

  • Retiered all Divination cards

  • Retiered all uniques

  • Gave annulment orb a more permanent place.

  • Several other small improvements

Relevant Media/Videos

The videos are several months old, so there’s some differences in the current version, but they should still be accurate enough to show the rough idea/style of the filter.

  • STYLE: NORMAL Strictness version comparison: youtube

  • STYLE: PURPLE – Regular Strictness / Comparison – Demo: youtube

  • STYLE: PURPLE – Uber-Strict – Demo: youtube

Filter and Styleversions

Strictness Options:

  • Regular = The normal version. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, especially if you like Chaos recipes.
  • Semi-Strict = Hides bad rares with a very bad basetype. Nice balance of hidden/shown items in the endgame.
  • Strict = Hides the vast majority of all rares in the endgame. Designed for well geared players. Hides wisdom scrolls.
  • Very-Strict = Limits rares to the very best. Hides portal scrolls, wisdom scrolls, armorers, augmentation orbs. Great for speedrunning. Rares are limited to T1/T2 meta items and T1 offmeta items.
  • Über-Strict = Only shows rare jewellery (no other rares). No currency under the chromatic/jeweller/alteration/chance orb tier is displayed. It's great for focused speedrunning and as a base for advanced editing.
  • Über-Plus-Strict = No rares at all, tons of hidden entries, clean screen. Don’t complain if you don’t see your niche item ;)*

Visual Style Options:

  • Each style includes all 5 strictness versions (as seen above)
  • Styles are located in subfolders.
  • The default (normal) style is located in the main folder and is not listed below.

Current Styles:

  • PURPLE = Restyled lootfilter, heavily inspired by prophecy/breach/necrotic themes.
  • Slick = The normal version with less background colors (more GGG-styled). Also good for colorblind players.
  • Blue = Mostly the same, but the rare color scheme is tuned towards blue colors.
  • Streamsound = Same visuals, but all sounds are different. Designed for streamers or viewers so that they don't get confused when the other side is getting an expensive drop

Thanks to…

A special thanks to everyone who helped testing and provided feedback during the past days, you guys included! Thank you!

  • GGG for the awesome game – a special thanks to Bex, Chris and Jonathan.
  • /u/Tobnac and Haggis for the constant help and support + support on the FilterBlade project.
  • /u/MrPing_CS for the support and testing FilterBlade and the help during the updates/streams in the last versions!
  • Rasmuskl for the awesome work on
  • C4pture for being C4pture and only annoying 80% of the time.
  • My awesome stream viewers, who helped while I was updating the filter!
  • A special thanks to the supporters

Best regards,


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