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Looking for Seasonal and Non Seasonal Clan, US, PC

Hey –

Looking for a predominantly Seasonal clan, but non-seasonal is Okay too – long story short I'm in a great clan right now, but I got really close with someone in the clan and he told me he was planning on committing suicide by going off of his medication (has wife, kids). Also the clan has been dying recently. I'm a casual player, I prefer to kill monsters than rush through and gear collect. It's more fun for me.

Him telling me he was going to kill himself really, really shook me up for a few days. I ended up calling the national suicide hotline trying to get info on how I can help / what I can do, and at the end of the day all I can do is tell him not to and that he will be missed and ask him to call the suicide hotline. Well he said he would think about it (I gave him the number) but since giving him the number I've kind of secretly hated him because it's… just so selfish. And seeing his name every time I login is just heartbreaking. Thinking of the kids he's leaving behind, how he doesn't even care, etc.

So…. yeah. Looking for a new clan. Monk, Sorc, Crusader are mains About Paragon 700 for seasonal and non-seasonal. Can do GR75 Solo on seasonal and non-seasonal characters. I've chosen non-meta builds because I have the most fun with them, but I might sell out soon… I've been collecting gear for a Hammerdin and might work on finishing my LoN Monk build. Got a non-archon build to GR 75 so that's a good feeling 🙂

Please send me a message here first with your clan name so I can join. I'd rather get a message and send you my Batte.net tag.

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