Leadership Overhaul

Quick note first I'm a bit of a terrible scatter brain so if this isn't readable I apologize. Also I am doing this on mobile as my first post.

I don't care for the current overall leader system and the planetary Governors change in a past update. All the leaders feel like they are just there, apart from the explorers (scientists). Maybe I am wrong but I feel like there are very few events that happens to leaders that aren't just gaining 1 or 2 traits excluding exploration events. I believe apart from scientists, you can only aquire leaders with influence the standard way.

I feel like there needs to be far more leader turn over. I feel like even if I go with fleeting races it feels like I have only maybe 4 or 5 generations of leaders by the time I complete most of the game.

Now I feel if we had much more turn around in leadership I think it could give much more it gives life to them. Although with the new fleet system it is going to increase the number of leaders, so that should help. With more leaders needed we obviously need more ways to get them. Adding events to gift us more leader is a simple way. A cool way would to add more typeso of enclaves to gift more leaders.

Though I also believe that we should get free leaders from some governments. Simply the head of our empire should be a free wildcard leader but one who does retain the stats from before. Imperial governments should lead to the possibility of multiple free leaders in the form of heirs.A way to disavow heirs would also be amazing. Actually we need more ways for leaders to die. Also it would be nice if generalso admirals could become Governors as well.

With more leaders they need to distinguish them selves from each other to put a stop to the game picking random smucks.

We simply need a prestige system for each leaders. Different different ethics should give more prestige modifiers. Military leaders should get various levels of multipliers depending on if the empire has military ethnic plus if they are fanatics. Governors should get bonus for keeping the peace and stoping rebels. The most prestigious leaders are the ones who are eligible for elections. Also I rather go back to have governor per planet or system and have one sector.

I would love to hear feedback from anybody because I am probably over thinking some things while missing something.

TLTR; I want more leaders, more events for leaders, more leader turn over and a way to determine which leaders get nominated for elections.

Edit: grammar and fixing stupid mistakes. I am a terrible writer. Sorry

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