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Leaderboard suggestion: Set specific leaderboards

Title sort of speaks for itself… it seems that in spite of significant rebalancing, when you look at the leaderboards, everyone basically just mimics the top build regardless of how far out in front of the pack it is. So you get things like, for Crusader, invoker is stronger than ever, Roland’s is stronger than ever, blessed shield is better than ever, HF is stronger than ever… but everyone just uses condemn. Because they just look at the leaderboard and copy what’s best.

This also creates a lot of confusion I think for people using ever so slightly non optimal builds… if you clear a, whatever, 95 with Roland’s, that’s probably not enough to get you on the overall leaderboard, but more importantly your sense of your mastery of that build isn’t at all clear. You wouldn’t be in the top overall crusaders, but where do you rank amongst Roland crusaders? Really hard to tell.

I think a great way to get around this would be if they had leaderboards for each class, but also each of the major sets within the class. 4 for each of the end game sets, and a 5th for “other” (mainly LoN would be my guess).

This would I think be a great development for the game because it would incentivize players to strive for getting to the leaderboards of other sets than the one most meta. A Jade WD for example would have a coherent prestige end game… being the best Jade WD in the game. Fine, there are 1000 Arachyrs who cleared 4 GRs higher, but you have a trophy to take home. Not having this possibility realistically to get to #1 discourages diversity of gameplay and I think erodes a lot of the point of doing the balancing work in the first place.

What do you think?

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