Late Game Anomalies

By mid-late game, most systems have been surveyed, meaning you aren't going to find anymore anomalies. This kinda sucks because there are several scientist traits that only relate to anomalies and they just become a waste. It also means scientists are much less important later in the game, which is a shame because sending them around to explore the unknown is one of the high points of the game.

I think it would be cool if individual systems in the mid/late game could become randomly "unsurveyed" again through some kind of semi-periodic event so that your scientists can still have use for these traits and so that they can continue to be relevant. Depending on the triggering event there may even be a higher chance of an anomaly being present, or even a guaranteed one.

The anomalies that come from these events could be higher level and more dangerous since they will generally be happening later in the game, so we could get more use out of our veteran team of scientists. This will also make the tradition that gives research for surveying useful throughout the game.

Some examples:

  • Our scientists have suddenly started receiving strange signals from x system that was previously quiet. We're unsure where exactly its coming from in the system so we'll need to survey the whole thing again.

  • Recent discoveries in plate tectonics and stellar formation have shed light on some previously odd data sets that came from a particular system. The planets and star here should be surveyed again to see if any patterns can be found.

  • The star in system x has begun outputting odd forms of energy. This system should be surveyed so that we can measure the effects of this energy on the stellar bodies there.

  • Unknown ships have been seen coming and going from system x. This system was thought to be previously uninhabited and uninteresting. Send a scientist to re-survey it and see what they come up with.

  • The stellar bodies in system x have been moving in ways that are inconsistent with our current survey data that was gathered there. Another pass should be done to see what information we can gather about these movements.

  • A temporary nebula has formed over the x system, shrouding it in a thick haze. We should send a team to survey the area and see if a cause can be determined.

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