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Keeping New Game fresh: Randomized level-ups

So this idea came about when I was thinking of what sort of "challenge" run I'd like to do next. I've already beaten Dark Souls 1-3 at SL1, but I don't really want to do anything more difficult than that (say, SL1 No Heal Fists Only). But I did want some sort of rule set to follow to make the run interesting.

You've probably heard of stuff like the Randomizer Mod that swaps item locations, or the Weapon Swap mod that constantly changes the weapon in your hand. Well, how about Randomized Leveling? There are 8 stats in Dark Souls 1, and 9 stats in Dark Souls 2 and 3. Assign each stat a value between 1 and 9, and every time you level up, roll a die to determine where you put the point!

Online dice rollers work, but if you prefer real dice like I do, a d8 and a d10 will do just fine (In DS2 and DS3, rolling the 10 means you get to put the point wherever you want). Now, you could just play this like an SL1 run but with better stats, using raw weapons and stuff to avoid the danger of getting bad stats for your playstyle of choice.

BUT, where I think the most fun comes from, is trying to work with the game. "Oh wow, 2 points into Attunement and 4 into Int? I'll upgrade my Catalyst!" And then the next 6 levels are all into Strength. Better yet, decide your weapons and armor at the very start of the run. Decide to only use Ultra Greatswords, and pray that the dice give you the stats you want. I just started this in Dark Souls 1 and all these points into Attunement are crying out for a Pyromancy build, which I've never done. So it's working as intended!

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