Diablo III

Keep getting disconnected

Well, first of all: hi :D! I'm a new player (bought the game 3 days ago or so, strong nostalgia to play an RPG game so i picked it)

I've been playing these days, my Wizard is already level 70 and i've been enjoying most of the game so far… except for those random disconnects every then and then.

I've been googling for a while without an apparent solution. The main problem is that i get randomly disconnected, there isn't a clear pattern nor reason. My internet is fine (only Diablo III has this problem so far), it's stable.

I've tried adding it to my av's exceptions, deleting cache files, verifying and updating the game from the launcher, set it to run in 32bit, analyze the system for viruses/malwares, etc..

Every then and then i get a popup which varies. Sometimes it's an "Error #X – Connection Lost" (the most common is 1016), other times is Error 3xxx (i don't remember the exact numbers), and sometimes its just an "You have been disconnected".

The only time i hadn't been disconnected for about an hour, a crash occurred so my mission progress got lost anyway.

It's so annoying.

I've seen a lot of posts and stuff about this kind of errors even since 2014, but most people doesn't seem to find a solution.

Had someone experienced these problems? Has someone fixed it?

i don't want to contact support for them to tell me to do everything i've already done

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