The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Just beat the Nameless King for my 1st Time!

Tl;Dr – Finally beat Nameless King without a guide using Greatswords; it was really cool.

When I rang the bell, I knew who I would face on the other side of the fog wall. I had traveled through Archdragon Peak, slain the Wyvern and bringing down the Havel Knight. I brandished my Sharp Astora Greatsword confidently.

I walked through the fog gate, ready for a cutscene. I ran forward, but instead I see him fly down upon his Storm drake. No fanfare, there was no need.

My first attempt, I took the Drake down; that moment when the music stops, and the Firstborn pays his final respects. I've seen the video many times.

This time it felt real.

I did well my first time; I was a little reckless, but was ankle to stagger him and got a good counter hit. But, in the end he cut me down.

Thereafter, I plateaued at two hits against him; I wasn't sure if i could beat him.

So I took my time, deconstructed the fight. I doubled up on my weapons: a Lightning Lothric Greatsword for the King of Storms, and my Astora Greatsword for the Nameless King. Thinking I could use the ripostes to my advantage, the hornet ring went on.

The main problem I had was I was sticking too close to the Nameless King; even if I was able to dodge each of his attacks in a combo (which was a work in progress), I either wouldn't have time to counter or wouldn't have stamina to dodge after.

Soon, the Storm Drake couldn't touch me; I could dodge the King's dragonsurfing without rolling, exploit his firebreath for a hefty jump attack.

Soon, it clicked; I had to make him come to me. I kept my distance, baiting out his jumps and dashes. I would dodge through it, get a hit im, then use my practiced dodges to retreat from his close combat onslaught.

Soon, he no longer felt like an adversary. Even the time I died, I felt like he was an old friend, a sentimental soul who I was partnered in a deadly dance with.

Finally, after many attempts, he dropped. Even though I had the Hornet Ring, I didn't stagger him once; the fight was won solely with rolls, strikes and patience. I took his Soul, proudly transposed his Swordspear, and am now ready for my next challenge.

Praise the sun, everyone! `/

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