Is there any way to decrease jump height for the player in version Release 1.12.2?

Hi, I'm using version Release 1.12.2, with many forge mods; my favourite being the Chisels and Bits mod (little blocks) in conjunction with the Lilliputian mod (which is a revival of the gulliver mod, it's basically shrinking potions and growing potions), using both of these I can resize myself to be the height of 2x4x2 pixels so I can build tiny houses and stuff.

The problem with this is that while I can slow my movement so that I'm moving at the same speed I would be as if each pixel were a block, I can't change the jump height to make it so that I can jump 2/16ths of a block instead of jumping a whole block.

Anyway, does anyone know of a way to control the jump height in any way what so ever in version Release 1.12.2, if it be with forge mods or just a command I haven't tried yet (I've tried different values of the vanilla jump boost potion effect, but I can't lower the height itself, I can only make it higher or disable it entirely)

I was thinking maybe it's possible to be riding an extremely tiny horse to lower the height? But that would probably mess up my 2x4x2 pixel hitbox, unless there's a way around that? I don't know, I haven't really played this game since like 4 years ago

There's virtually no information on this online, it's pretty frustrating, I just wanna build my voxel art without flying way up when jumping ;_;

Sorry if this isn't allowed here, I'll delete it if it's not.

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