The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I finally did it!!!

Oh Glorious Darksouls Just got past Demon Prince for the first time ever. Thank you kind Sunbro who helped me out there. I was struggling so much witch my lvl 100 Pyro that I leveld my Sorcerer up. Got all spells. +10 Raw Falchion and +10 Court Sorcerers Staff. Tried Demon Prince again but died over and over again. So then I decided to go full melee. Donned Prisoners Chain, Chlorianty, Flame Ring and anotherone as well as proper Heavy Armor. Then I finally beat him.


(/s "But get this. I get fucked over and over by the Ghostly Archersquad of Doom trying desperately to run from cover to cover. Eventually taking out my Glasses to have a look noticing the Crystallizard down below and try that route. I get to the ladder, figure I peek up and get jumped by one of the black skeletons. He drops down and apparently can't get up. I get into cover, deal with the second skeleton and assess the situation. I decide to run into the small room underneath the Staircase, hoping that there will be a sneaky way up to the Judicator. I get loot instead. And a what on the head by something. Apparently theres some sort of Orange Black Knight smashing you with a Rock in there. So I get the hell out of there barely getting back to the Safespot near the ladder.

Then I notice Fire and I'm like what in the… apparently Midir is breathing Fire on the Bridge too if you wait long enough? Or maybe it was some kind of bug, since I only could see his head and a part of his neck. Anyway.. I'm gonna find a way to make that Judicator my Bitch now.

:TLDR: Killed Demonprince, Got Whacked by the Archers and Midir showed up too on the Bridge to say hello"/s)

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