The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I can officially say I’ve seen everything Dark Souls 3 invasions have to offer.

Now, I probably have a couple of thousand hours solely from multiplayer in this game. But now I think I can finally say that I've seen EVERYTHING.

So Here I was, doing what I always do on boring weekends. I was at level 150 Pontiff, invading with a carthus roll-spam time wasting build. (Don't hate me.) I enter this guy's world, who has a really weird name. (It was something along the lines of "Thicc baiter" or something.)

I directly went to the arena after Pontiff's fight, only to see this "Thicc" dude sitting there, with smough's armor and a locust head. (Funnily enough, it was almost the exact same outfit I was wearing.) Anyway, my man drops down into the arena, and goes into a corner. I thought he wanted to fight, but in turn, he starts dropping items.

This is where the fun starts. I walk right over and see that he dropped a few embers, which was awfuly kind. As I'm picking them up, three overleveled password phantoms emerge from the left side and just stand near me. At this point, I should have known something was up. As I pick up the last ember, all four of these dudes begin to surround me. They all take off all of their weapons, and one pops down a warmth flame. Following this, they all begin to kick me.

Here I am, stuck in a corner, being infinitely stunlocked. I found myself literally unable to do ANYTHING. I couldn't black crystal out and couldn't even attack. The only weapons I had on me were crossbows, so it's not like it would have been worth it anyway. They even went to the extent to have the warmth heal any accidental damage. They also appeared to be TIMING their kicks, as to not lose stamina and break the lock.

I sat there for about 10 minutes or so, before finally going out and simply shutting off my ps4's connection. And thus the story ends. (If only I remembered to take screenshots, for ONCE.)

Now, I've seen all kinds of things in this game. Adolf Hitler, force spamming aliens, and even starving Ethiopian children. However, THIS was on a whole other level. I feel rejuvenated…


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