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I am lucky to experience my brother starting his first Dark Souls run!

You can imagine my joy when I get a message from my brother, who bought himself Dark Souls 3 for the same console as me! Already he was telling me about how much he was dying, especially to the big T-Rex thing (I found out it was Gundyr xD), and he did manage to beat him!

So, I told him I'd make a new character to go through with him. But, I am of the firm belief that it is best to experience Dark Souls without a guide, so I set up some rules:

  • Every new area, he would summon me; in his world, I am adorned in a broken straight sword. That's it: no armor, no shield (when we get to it, I will opt for an offhand caestus). This way, I can attempt to keep some pressure off him if he gets in too deep, but I won't roflstomp everything for him.

  • I will not show him where to go, instead following wherever he wants to explore; this way, I allow him to experience his blind run unhindered and in its purest form.

  • After he has beaten his boss, I will summon him in my world where I am decked out fully, and I will teach him the small secrets that he missed before (unless it's something big, like commencing the Dancer fight.

  • I will donate him just enough Embers to be able to summon me to his world, but not an excess for when I don't play with him.

The run was going well, with him dying to the first Lothric knight only once, the rooftop Pus of Man once, and taking a dive off the roof trying to get the Winged Knight. Funnily enough, he had skipped the dragon, so I was saving that as a surprise for him.

The best part, however, came when he found the shortcut elevator. He is out of Estus and is trying to fend off the hoard of hollows, unable to get to the elevator. With my broken sword, I can't crowd clear, so I dash for the elevator pad and urge him to get on.

In his haste, he runs through the elevator and activates it, finding himself on the other side. He proceeds to panick roll to get back on…

… Right into the hole underneath it.

I start busting up laughing as I am whisked back to my world, welcoming him to Dark Souls. I then realize that he has no more embers, so I summon him to my world so I can drop him a couple.

He spawns, and the first thing I hear from him is "Wait, WHY IS THERE A DRAGON HERE?!?"

I then realized I had triggered the Dragon in my world. Time to backpedal.

"What dragon???" I ask, quickly Black crystalling him back to his world. I let him summon me again once he's ember, and he is looking around confused, obviously wondering why there is no live Dragon here.

So I follow him to the area, giggling quietly; I hear the whoosh, and I dive for the door and get in cover. My brother comments about the drqgon, then starts yelling as he loses half of his HP being caught in the fire. I tell him to run inside with me, and he catches up.

I help him dispatch the few stragglers that survived the flames, and I start making my way through as I hear, "Oh, a chest!"

I don't manage a word as I watch his character get picked up by the mimic and devoured, and I just lose it!!! I was laughing so hard, and he wasn't even mad. It was one of the best moments of playing in a loooong while.

Needless to say, he beat Vordt (with little help from my little broken doohicky), then spent the next 10 minutes in my world going through my Vordt.

Tl;dr: The only thing better than experiencing your own first run, is getting to experience someone else's!!!

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