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How on earth do you play charge barb past 80?

The one time I got ladder as barb, I played the charge build. I'm pretty rusty with it right now, but I do remember how the build works.

I have all the right gems, gear, cubed extracted powers, abilities, etc.

People say to live, you have to be careful with your charge. But the thing is, most mobs past 78+ will just melt me no matter what. Even if I'm charging a pack, my call of the ancients will always be up, with band of might proc, as well as my parthans- still get melted. I have around 20 mil toughness, to note.

I will still get destroyed by even some regular mobs. Some people suggested rolling esoteric, but I do not want to lose the damage from wreath. I know I am good enough at barb to not die at 80. Like I said, I've made clears before as raekor barb when they weren't even as strong, still got ladder.

So I guess the main question is, how am I taking so much damage? even from normal packs. How did a barb get grift 111 with wreath? I wonder how the hell he lived through that. What else can you do but charge? I'll just die while I'm charging anyway. What expertise could be possibly needed to live against mobs that will just fuck you with 1 spear throw. Is my game bugged lol? It's unreal.

Also would like to mention, I was able to do GR 90 as hota/IK barb, never got close to dying. I don't like the build though, I'm sticking to charge.

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