How close is too close to a xenophobic FE?

So, here's the situation: <

I (blue empire) tried to build a frontier outpost in Geagawa (near the right side of the screen) which is just barely within my borders. I figured I'd be safe from angering the Juvan Remnant (red) because the Rethellians (green) already have at least one colony, Stimsis, that is clearly closer to their border. However, the Juvans' opinion of me promptly dropped from -50 to -250 and they demanded I remove it, and humiliated me.

I'm curious why that happened — does the game count frontier outposts as more border-threatening than actual colonies?

My empire is Xenophile (-25% border friction) and the Rethellians are not; I'm not sure if that makes a difference here, but either way they shouldn't be able to build any closer to the FE.

When the Geagawa station was completed, it split the Rethellian territory between Stimsis and Takharam, and my border spilled out about as far west as theirs does in the screenshot. I don't think this made the difference either, because 1) my border still wasn't closer to the Juvans than the Rethellians' is, and 2) as you can partially see on the left side of the screen, my territory directly touches their entire western border, and they don't seem to mind that.

Perhaps the effect of multiple outposts (I already have one at Anachonus, further east) is cumulative, and both of them together hit a tipping point that angered them? Or maybe the game just gives AI empires an advantage in this calculation?

The reason I wanted an outpost in Geagawa is because it contains a large barren planet that I'll eventually be able to terraform, and I wanted to make sure it doesn't slip into Rethellian space. Can I be confident that my colony there will be safe from Juvan wrath (eg. if it's true that colonies are safer than outposts)?

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